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Ten Facts About Me
Barbara Tyler Ahlfield
1.  I have been interested in art-and fashion- since I was a toddler growing up in Rochester, New York. These twin interests directed me towards an art career focusing on fashion illustration which has proven to be rewarding, ever-changing and always stimulating. Here are nine more facts about my career’s journey...

2.  My first “real” job after college ( Ohio State University, Columbus College of Art and Design) was at B. Goodman Fashions in Columbus, Ohio where I designed and drew newspaper ads.

3.  Since B.Goodman Fashions - ( a smaller boutique-type store) I’ve worked as the lead fashion illustrator for eight major U.S. department stores.

4.  In addition to these eight I've freelanced for another eighteen stores as well as boutiques and fashion houses.

5.  My specialty is “image-making” fashion illustration - setting a brand identity that’s unique and that will sell merchandise.

6.  During my career my work has received several honors including the NORMA award for lingerie advertising and cosmetic advertising, the Seklemian award for reflective color advertising, the Federated Dept. Store advertising award (Lazarus Division-three consecutive years) and I am a member of the Society of Illustrators.

7.  I am currently developing a body of work that fuses classical portraiture with fashion illustration. Additionally, I’m exploring animal portraiture (pets).

8.  I’ve worked in practically all medias - my favorites are graphite pencil combined with india ink line, colored pencil, water color, gouache and oils.

9.  When I approach a blank paper or canvas my aim is to create something beautiful, inspiring and memorably unique.

10.  A partial roster of clients includes: Coty, Carlisle, Dillards, Foleys, Garfinkels, Hutzlers, Joskes, Lord&Taylor, Marshall Fields, Marshalls, Nordstrom, J. Wanamakers